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Welcome to Remote CPA, five reasons to love us

We brand ourselves as an Accountant where you need one because we’re taking Accountants into the world of remote service. Anywhere you need a trusted advisor and record-keeping, one will be available through the miracle of the internet. No, we are not the first to do this, but we aim to be the best. Here’s five reasons why we think you’ll love it.

  1. We’re not afraid to work ourselves out of a job Focused on the success of our clients, we know it’s possible to train our clients to do our job. This means we might eliminate our need in the marketplace, but we’re confident you’ll come back to us the next time you need trusted business help. Plus, who are we really helping if we become an unnecessary parasite on our clients? Our passion for the industry keeps us on the forefront of new software, technology, and regulations.

  2. We push QuickBooks Online Sure, it’s not the only small business accounting platform, but we believe it’s the best. We run across many people who are overwhelmed and frustrated with QuickBooks Online (“QBO”). Unfortunately, this usually means they haven’t been trained and they’re doing it wrong. QBO can be a nightmare or a best friend, but it has become synonymous with small business all over the world as it commands over 80% of the small business market. Let’s work together to make sure you’re maximizing the potential of QBO and get you trained to accomplish your needs. Ask us about how you can save 50% on QBO as one of our clients, or we’ll cover the cost altogether if you become one of our monthly subscribing clients.

  3. We go the extra mile Despite being an office-less CPA Firm, we still physically exist and we’re willing to travel to you when it really makes sense to do so. Plus, we have expanded availability outside the typical 9-5 availability of other CPAs. We know most business owners spend the day doing what they do best - running their business - so we’re happy to meet (or Skype) outside core hours.

  4. We know better technology is yet to come and we’re ready Apps on iOS and Android are taking over the world and they’re making everyone's’ lives easier. Business are embracing apps, but let’s take it further. QuickBooks captive site,, just announced they launched their one millionth app. So that payroll problem, that inventory problem, and that time tracking problem can all be solved by an apps that we can help you choose, learn, and implement.

  5. Our referral bonus program is the best First, start with our free consultation to determine if our services are a good fit. Next, you can refer us to someone else and if they become our client, we’ll give you both $200 worth of free service - a total $400 value. Plus, if you leave us a review on our QuickBooks ProAdvisor page, we’ll give you another $50. Let’s build a team!

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