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You want to pay someone: Here's a free W-9 Guide

One challenge of owning a small business is collecting W-9s and knowing when to send a 1099. As a general rule, if you pay anyone $600 or more by cash, check, or debit (but not credit card) you should collect a W-9 and evaluate whether or not you need to send a 1099. These would include payments for services, not goods.

To download the most recent Form W-9, visit this IRS website:

To read more about when to file Form 1099, visit this IRS website:

In order to request W-9s from your vendors, feel free to copy/paste the free script below.

Dear [Vendor],


As a vendor who may earn $600 or more from [Your Organization Name] during [Current Year]. The IRS requires us to request a W-9 from you so we can evaluate the need to provide you with a 1099 before January 31. In order to protect our long-term business relationship, please complete the attached form and return to us no later than [seven days from now].

Instead of sending this form via email, please use this encrypted link to upload it securely. Email is not a secure method of communication for sensitive taxpayer ID numbers.



Many thanks,

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