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Streamlining Homeowner Invoicing with MyBuilderCPA

Hello, Jon Markee here, founder and CEO of MyBuilderCPA. Today, I want to talk quickly about our weekly homeowner invoicing service. This essential service helps streamline your billing process and ensures timely payments from your clients.

How Our Weekly Invoicing Service Works

At MyBuilderCPA, we manage your invoicing through your job management software, such as BuilderTrend, JobTread, or similar platforms. Here’s how it works:

  1. Weekly Invoicing Requests: When a job is ready for its next invoice, you simply send us a quick email.

  2. Review and Send: We access the original contract, review the draw schedule, and send the next invoice that’s due.

  3. Change Orders and Additional Invoices: If you've obtained a signed change order, we can convert it into an owner invoice and ensure all owner invoices are integrated into QuickBooks, keeping your accounts receivable accurate.

Detailed Invoicing Situations

While many invoices are straightforward, some require more detailed calculations. In these cases, we need you to provide clear instructions on what needs to be invoiced, especially if it wasn’t explicitly written down or agreed upon beforehand.

When submitting a request for us to send an invoice, be specific about:

  • What exactly needs to be invoiced.

  • Any specific draw schedule formats required, particularly if the invoice needs to be prepared and sent to a bank.

Proactive Invoicing

To avoid last-minute rushes, we recommend discussing invoicing needs in advance. If you anticipate reaching a milestone next week that will unlock the next draw payment, let’s start preparing the invoice now. This proactive approach helps us manage our workflow effectively and ensures you get paid on time.

Handling Urgent Invoices

Sometimes, urgent cash flow needs arise, and you require an invoice to be sent immediately. While we strive to accommodate such requests, there may be instances where we can't drop everything to address them immediately. However, we will get to it as soon as possible within the week.

Empowering You to Invoice

We’re more than happy to teach you how to generate invoices directly from your job management software or QuickBooks. In some situations, it might be faster for you to log in and send the invoice, especially if you’re with the homeowner and they’re ready to pay.

Realistic Service Expectations

We’re committed to helping you get invoices sent out once a week, provided it’s clear what needs to be invoiced. For more complex scenarios or direct homeowner interactions, it may be more efficient for you to handle these tasks directly. We’ll support you by providing the necessary training and guidance.

Getting paid promptly is a high priority. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thanks for watching!

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