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Why Do We Factor in Your Annual Revenue When Determining the Pricing of Our Services?

Updated: May 27

When determining the pricing of our services at My Builder CPA, one of the most critical factors we consider is your annual gross revenue. This might prompt the question: why does my revenue matter so much? Let’s explore this in detail to help you understand our approach.

Understanding Total Gross Revenue

Total gross revenue is defined as all the funds your company takes in before any expenses are paid out. This includes every dollar of income your business generates from sales, services, and other income sources.

The Complexity of Pricing Accounting Services

Pricing accounting services is inherently complex because not all transaction types are the same. Some transactions might be straightforward and take only a few minutes to record, while others, such as complicated journal entries or reconciliations, might take hours. Therefore, a one-size-fits-all pricing model doesn’t work effectively in the accounting industry.

Gross Revenue as a Metric for Complexity

Gross revenue is the best metric we have to gauge the complexity of your accounting needs. Here’s why:

  • Volume of Transactions: Higher revenue typically indicates a larger volume of transactions. More transactions mean more time and effort required to record, categorize, and reconcile them.

  • Business Scale: A home builder with higher revenues often has more jobs and projects. This not only increases the number of transactions but also adds layers of complexity in terms of job costing, project tracking, and financial reporting.

  • Employee Management: Higher revenue businesses usually employ more staff, leading to increased payroll processing, benefits management, and other HR-related accounting tasks.

  • Complex Issues: Larger companies naturally encounter more complex financial scenarios. From dealing with multi-state taxes to handling intricate financial structures, higher revenue businesses need more sophisticated accounting solutions.

Tailored Services Beyond Revenue

While gross revenue is a significant factor, it’s not the only one we consider. At My Builder CPA, we recognize that each business has unique needs and challenges. That’s why our "Get Your Price" tool takes into account several specific features and services you might require, such as:

  • Cash Forecasting: Planning and predicting your cash flow to ensure your business stays financially healthy.

  • Bill Payments: Managing your accounts payable to ensure your bills are paid on time and efficiently.

These additional services are factored into the total price to ensure you receive a tailored solution that meets all your accounting needs.


In summary, factoring in your annual gross revenue allows us to provide a pricing model that reflects the complexity and scale of your business operations. It ensures that you receive the level of service and expertise necessary to manage your financial affairs effectively. By using our "Get Your Price" tool, you can get a customized quote that takes into account both your revenue and the specific services you need, ensuring transparency and accuracy in our pricing.

At My Builder CPA, we are committed to delivering tailored, high-quality accounting services that support your business growth and success. Thank you for trusting us with your financial needs.

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